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"Canada's Largest Dealer of Prescription Orthopedic Footwear"

Tired of going into a shoe store and having to help yourself!
Tired of sales staff that do not know how to measure your feet!
Tired of always hearing "Sorry we are out of your size"
and having to special order on a final sale basis!

Come to Knapp's in Listowel

Buy Footwear Online

Over 10.000 sq. ft. of mens, womens and childrens footwear.

If we can't fit you, no one can.

Womens sizes: 4 - 14, 4A - 4E
Mens sizes: 6 - 22, 2A - 6E

Norman Knapp Department Store Limited has been in business for 50 years in Listowel. We specialize in orthopedic footwear in various widths and sizes for the entire family including the prescription safety footwear to service industries, farmers, people in all walks of life, with a lot of foot and back problems. Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Medical Physicians, and Chiropractors from across Canada refer their patients to Norman Knapp Department store. Even other shoe stores refer people here. We carry a vast stock of shoes and workboots of Drew, Footsaver, Alden, Redwings, Foot-so-port, P.W.Minor & Barefoot Freedom, and many other brands.

Ph.:(519)291-4750 Fax:(519)291-5319 Write to us for more information.knapps@porchlight.ca