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"Canada's Largest Dealer of Prescription Orthopedic Footwear"

Tired of going into a shoe store and having to help yourself?

Tired of sales staff that do not know how to measure your feet?

Tired of always hearing "Sorry we are out of your size" and having to special order on a final sale basis!?

Come to Knapp's in Listowel!

Over 10,000 sq. ft. of men's, women's and children's footwear

If we can't fit you, no one can!

Women's sizes: 4 - 14, 4A - 4E

Men's sizes: 6 - 22, 2A - 6E

Norman Knapp Department Store Limited has been in business for over 50 years in Listowel. We specialize in orthopedic footwear in various widths and sizes for the entire family including the prescription safety footwear to service industries, farmers, people in all walks of life, with a lot of foot and back problems. Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Medical Physicians, and Chiropractors from across Canada refer their patients to Norman Knapp Department store. Even other shoe stores refer people here. We carry a vast stock of shoes and workboots of Drew, Footsaver, Alden, Redwings, Foot-so-port, P.W.Minor & Barefoot Freedom, and many other brands.

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Orthopedic Footwear

These special shoes are recommended by Medical Doctors, Orthopedic Doctors, "Podiatrists" (foot doctors), Chiropodists everywhere, for many reasons. There is a last for every foot problem and disorder - many lasts or foot shapes in width and different sizes giving you thousand at different combinations. They are long from ball of the foot to heel thereby carrying your weight properly. Most other shoes are short lasted. They come with a heat sensitive insole that molds to the foot and leaves a print. One can then tell how you walk, where you carry the weight and determine how to correct the problem. The mold is then reshaped for your disorder. The system is the most inexpensive and most successful way of bringing the feet back to the "norm".

Does Insurance Cover These Shoes?

Most insurance companies cover the cost of these shoes providing they are recommended by a physician, podiatrist, or orthopedic doctor. (Please check your specific coverage.)

Special Footwear for Special Needs

Whether you suffer from diabetes, arthritis, poor circulation or just years of ill-fitting shoes, special shoes like Barefoot Freedom could be the solution. Even the American Podiatric Medical Association recommend these shoes.

Foot Manipulation

Biamechanical designs that follow the dynamics of human motion. All a part of our master plan to help you find the best fitting most comfortable shoes in the world.

The Alden Foot Balance System

Facts and Fitting Guidelines

Trubalance Last

The Trubalance last was designed to fit from the normal foot shape to the extremely pronated heavy foot with square forefoot or splay foot. The Trubalance has a wide ball tread, straight inner border and broad outer border with much lateral displacement. It is our highest and widest toe last with very roomy walled inner and outer borders. It is our most commodious last for foot deformities such as hammer toes, overlapping toes, enlarged joints, etc. At the same time it is the best last to accommodate prescribed corrections, particularly full plantar inserts. In spite of these accommodation features, the Trubalance will retain control at the heel so that the foot remains in blance on the correction and will not rotate or slide forward within the shoe. With precise fitting, the Trubalance last will produce the most gratifying results and repeat performances for the shoe fitter. It is most dependable and versatile in its uses. No foot fitting specialist should be without it.

Truflare Last

The Truflare last has been devoloped to fit from a normal to a pronated everted type of foot. At the same time it will fit the majority of feet met on the fitting stool. This last has a wide ball tread and it is an out flare type of last. It has a great degree of angulation with relation to the first and fifth toes. It has been designed to accommodate prescribed insertions and corrections. The Truflare last has solved the problem of combining a functional outflare last with attractive styling. The Truflare can be depended upon to solve specific fitting problems. It will bring a new kind of reliable comfort that lasts all day long and makes believers out of hard to fit customers.

Low Arch/Straight Low Arch/Heavy Low Arch/Outflare Low Arch/Flexible
A flat foot with straight inside flare and moderate angulation. A flat foot which is not only heavy but usually rigid as well. Sometimes having a lateral spread which must be accommodated for proper fitting. A flat foot with marked angulation and forefoot eversion. The last must accommodate enlarged great toe joint and Tailor's Bunion. A flat foot which is flexible and responds well to hind foot elevation. Usually not an extreme foot shape.
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